McLean School Consultation Services
Program Director: Maggie Gorraiz, Ph.D.
Medical Director: Mona Potter, M.D.

McLean Hospital - Norfolk County Community Grant (Click here to view PDF file)

McLean School Consultation Services (SCS) is a team of talented and passionate multidisciplinary clinicians with expertise in child and adolescent mental health. Our program is dedicated to empowering schools to support the mental health of their students. We pursue thismission through multi-year partnerships with Massachusetts schools and collaborate with their staff in developing a more comprehensive, evidence-based mental health support structure for their at-risk and diagnosed students.

In keeping with McLean’s broader mission of improving the lives of people and families affected by psychiatric illness, the McLean SCS team is committed to the following:

• Expanding the reach of evidence-based interventions for youth and eliminating obstacles
to effective mental health support.

• Providing public education and skills training on mental illness and eliminating stigma,
specifically through parent and family engagement across communities

• Advancing the science and professional practice of school mental health services through
data collection and investigation

• Operating from a social justice framework to enhance diversity, equity, and inclusion in
school-based settings

While our consultation services focus on interventions serving students with diagnosed mental
health disorders (i.e., those receiving Tier 3/Special Education services), the evidence-based
tools can be disseminated to serve all students. Consultation targets can include:

• Mental health toolkit: Increase staff’s knowledge and mental health literacy of
evidence-based strategies in the school setting with the goal to increase students’ capacity
to regulate their emotions to better access their educational curriculum.

• Therapeutic program consultation: Increase the use and access of evidence-based
practices within a school’s therapeutic program or classroom to improve its overall
functioning. This may include consultation in areas such as developing curriculum for
therapeutic groups, designing therapeutic programming to help students transition from
the hospital to the general curriculum, increasing skills coaching in the moment, or
modifying current program procedures to help staff feel more effective in responding to
emotionally dysregulated students.

• School avoidance consultation: Develop protocols and interventions to support students
who are struggling to attend school due to mental health disability.

A partnered school is assigned one McLean Licensed Clinical Psychologist with expertise in
child and adolescent mental health for the duration of the academic year. This Psychologist
works closely with SCS program leadership, SCS team members, and expert researchers and
clinicians across McLean Hospital.

Maggie Gorraiz, Ph.D.
Phone: 617.674-5331

Details of our 2021-2022 service package are provided below. All consultative services arevirtual and are conducted from September- June in accordance with the school’s academic
calendar. Fee: $20,791.