Norfolk County Community Support Grant funding could be used to assist in payment towards either your
current contract with INTERFACE Referral Service (existing subscribers only) or beginning a new contract with INTERFACE Referral Service.   INTERFACE Referral Service is are currently launching new communities on 1/1/22. A two-year agreement is required. The current first year contract cost for a full community is $16,000,
and in the second year, the contract cost will be adjusted based on usage. Public school based only contracts
are negotiated based on population size and composition and require a conversation to determine appropriate scope and pricing.   (Please note that pricing, contract duration and expected number of referrals cited at this time are subject to change and should not be considered a binding agreement at this time.  Your agreement will be finalized upon execution of contract.)

INTERFACE Referrral Service was established at William James College in 2007. The primary goal of INTERFACE Referral Service is to enhance, improve, or develop collaborative efforts for outpatient mental health and wellness access and service. The key feature of the service is the Helpline that is staffed Monday through Friday from 9 AM to 5 PM. Through the Helpline callers receive consultation and resource and referral from mental health professionals to outpatient mental health practitioners that meet the mental health need presented by the caller.  Below is an outline of what an individual can expect when they call the  Helpline.

What to Expect When Calling the Helpline

  • Intake-One will speak with a resource and referral counselor to complete a confidential intake.  The intake generally takes about 15-20 minutes. After the intake is completed, the caller will be assigned a case number to use with both INTERFACE Referral Service and potential provider match(es).
  • Making a match - An assigned lead resource and referral counselor will contact the caller in the first few business days after the intake to introduce themselves and confirming they are starting to search for providers.  INTERFACE resource and referral counselors search for a match by utilizing the information provided at intake and a database of over 9,000 licensed and vetted providers.
  • Providing matches - Once a provider match has been identified, an INTERFACE resource and referral counselor will contact the caller to giving the provider’s name, credentials, location, and phone number/or other contact information They will also provide links to guides from the INTERFACE website that will be helpful in the process of seeking services. INTERFACE Referral Service aims to provide at least one match as quickly as possible; however, a match is generally provided within 3 weeks of assignment to a lead counselor.  Matches are made to providers with current availability, yet at times matches may include waitlist options, as matches are based both on the criteria shared at intake and the availability of resources. 
  • Following-Up - The lead resource and referral counselor will follow up within 1-2 weeks of to see if a secured connection and match has been made with the provider(s), and if so, how it is going. At this time other options can be explored if appropriate.
  • Closing a referral - Once there is a successful match, the lead INTERFACE resource and referral counselor will close the referral process. However, if additional support is needed, INTERFACE Referral Service is available for assistance with additional referrals.

Please contact tanya_snyder@williamjames.edu  to learn more about this opportunity should you chose to utilize this option with the Norfolk Community Grant Funding.

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